The Aviary is Vancouver's first coworking studio dedicated to supporting independent architects, designers, and creatives. Located in the heart of Vancouver's Fraserhood District, we are purposely at street level with large storefront windows in order to encourage connections between the design profession and those they serve.   This is a place where a conversation might deepen one's understanding of the design process, make an unexpected personal connection and most importantly, inspire all of us to appreciate the value of excellent design. 

Who are we?
Andrea McLean and Stella Boyland, we are the cofounders of The Aviary. We met in architecture school in 2003 and share a common dream of working in a supportive, collaborative and creative environment where those we share space with contribute to a common culture of critical and creative thinking.  Andrea also holds a degree in Interior Design, and Stella a degree in Engineering. Together we manage the space, and operate our own respective design practices, while enjoying the company of other engaging creatives at The Aviary.

When did The Aviary open?
We opened our doors in January 2016