Q: Do you offer 24/7 access?
A: Yes, full time members only will be given a key.  Part time members can stay as long as a key holder is present, however need to leave with the last key holding member

Q: Can I work past the regular opening hours in the space if I am a part time member?
A: Yes, as long as there is a key holding member or Aviary staff present.



Q: Can I bring a guest in to work with me for the day?
A: Yes, if there is space.  Your guest will have to purchase a Day Pass if they stay for more than 2 hours.  They will be given temporary WiFi access for that day. 

Q: Do guests whom I invite to a meeting have to purchase a Day Pass?
A: Not if you have booked the meeting room and they are participating in that meeting.  If they are dropping by to have a short casual meeting in the communal areas, there is no need to pay for a day pass either.  If your guest is staying for over 2 hours, we would require them to purchase a pass.

Q: What if I want to invite a guest to work with me for only 3 hours?
A:  If there is space available, a discounted day pass can be purchased for your guest.  Please talk to us.



Q: Do you have printers?
A: Yes, small format B&W and Colour printer Letter size prints are complimentary.  11x17 format printing is available for $0.50 a sheet