Lunch & Learn - de Sede and CC-Tapis

This past week we had the pleasure of being introduced to Patrizio Chiarparini of Duplex, the North American design agency for Swiss furniture company de Sede, and handmade rug company cc-tapis, which was born in France, but the rugs are designed in Italy, and produced in Nepal. The presentation was provided to us by Inform Interiors, who carries both of these lines in their Gastown showrooms.


What we learned about CC-Tapis

  • All rugs are made by hand in Nepal
  • The company established CC-For Education, a program that provides private education for children of the weavers they employ
  • Standard designs, and any custom design is possible using more that 1200 different colors, and materials like wool, silk, or aloe
  • The rugs take between 8 and 24 weeks to produce
  • All the rugs are washed in recycled rain water after the knotting process is complete, chemicals or acids are never used
  • Most rugs are designed in-house in Italy, but some of the 2016 collection are signature pieces designed by Patricia Urquiola and Federico Pepe, Studiopepe

What we learned about de Sede

  • De Sede has its origins in a small but skilled saddler's workshop in Klingnau, Switzerland
  • The company has been making handcrafted masterpieces in Switzerland since 1965 
  • The company is inspired by memorable places, which seems to effortlessly permeate all of their designs
  • All seating furniture is upholstered with high quality leather

All photos by D. Hocking, The Field Office. Copyright The Aviary Design Space Inc.